Nightly from $135 pn | Weekly from $75 pn
Nightly from $135 pn | Weekly from $75 pn

A studio unit or studio apartment is a one room living space that includes a kitchen/kitchenette and a separate internal bathroom.  We design our studio properties to be functional modern living spaces for 1-2 people to live comfortably.  All have been renovated within the last few years.

Canberra Furnished Accommodation studio properties are currently located in Griffith and Campbell.

If you have a moment and are interested, check out the Wikipedia definition of Studio Apartments around the world here.

We pride ourselves on creating a place for you to come home to and believe that the comforts of home are too important to skimp on.  Bring your suitcase, buy a few groceries and live comfortably for as long as you need. Click here to check availability or book now.