Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions begin when we accept your Guest Agreement, which is a contract for accommodation.

  1. Accommodation contract is not a lease, tenancy, or occupancy agreement

You understand and accept that the accommodation contract is not a Tenancy Agreement nor an Occupancy Agreement under the Residential Tenancies Act. You are a temporary licensee of the property only, irrespective of the length of your booking. Property is for use as temporary accommodation, not a home.

  1. Guest agreement, non-refundable deposit and government ID required to secure your booking

We require a $200 deposit to be paid by credit card when we accept your booking. The deposit will be credited against your accommodation fees but is not refundable if you cancel your booking.

A fully completed Guest Agreement and copy of each guest/s photo ID are required prior to key collection.

  1. Security for the property, inventory, and your accommodation

A working credit card is required as security for the property from when you book and will be kept on file for your booking. Declined transactions attract a $50 administration fee. A non-working credit card breaches these terms and conditions and may result in the immediate cancellation of your booking or a cash security deposit of up to $1000 being required to continue your booking, decided at our discretion.

  1. Credit card fees and authorisation

There is 1.5% fee for Visa and Mastercard on all transactions processed to your card.

If the credit card is not in the same name as the guest, we require a credit card authorisation form to be completed which will then be subject to these terms and conditions.

  1. Accommodation rates, invoices and payments

Our rates are published on our website and operate on a sliding scale depending on the length of stay. You understand that if you shorten your stay a higher tariff will apply and will be backdated to your booking commencement date. This tariff will be deducted from your credit card on the day you notify us of your cancellation.

Accommodation is invoiced in 28 day increments or full payment as selected on the Guest Agreement. Accommodation payments must be always kept 4 weeks in advance. The first payment is due 14 days prior to arrival or immediately if within this 14 day period. The second payment will be due 14 days after your arrival.

You agree to make all payments by the due date on each invoice received. Late payments attract administration fees, $50 at 3 days past due and $75 at 7 days past due. Once 7 days overdue the full amount and fees will be processed to your credit card.

  1. Early departures, cancellations, refunds and travel insurance

Booking cancellations or amendments require notice in writing. There are no refunds on monies already paid unless we can re-book the nights cancelled. In this case we will amend your booking to the nights stayed plus the 2 week notice period a rate adjustment may apply and provide you with a credit or a refund for any additional nights, minus a $50 administration fee. We highly recommend travel insurance.

If leaving prior to your scheduled departure date, you agree to give us 2 weeks’ notice or 2 weeks payment and understand a rate adjustment may also apply as per condition 5.

We may cancel this agreement with 2 weeks’ notice to the occupant, no cancellation fee will be payable should this occur and we will provide you with a full refund of any forward accommodation fees paid.

  1. Electricity and Wi-Fi

You’re welcome to use as much electricity as you need to be comfortable. We include an allowance of $20 per week of use and supply charges in our rates. If your use exceeds this allowance, we will charge the excess to the credit card listed on the Guest Agreement when we receive the bill, it can take up to 3 months to receive the next electricity account for the property.

The Wi-Fi service is a complimentary provided to help assist overseas guests to check emails etc when they are settling in, it’s not supplied to be able to cope with heavy live streaming, gaming or working from home if high downloads are required. If you require this level of internet service, it may be worth requesting approval from us and seeking your own personal connection.

  1. Property care, security and damages

We expect you to care for the property and its contents as well as you would your own home and possessions, or better. We expect that the property is returned to us in generally the same condition as you found it. Cleaning equipment is provided. Hourly cleaning charges apply if the property is left unclean or in disarray.

We understand that sometimes accidents happen, so we expect you to honestly inform us immediately of any damage or breakages so that they can be rectified. At our sole discretion, you may need to compensate us to repair the damage and/or replace the item/s.  If we find damaged or missing items after your departure, we will process the full rectification costs to your credit card plus a 50% administration fee on each item/issue. If you leave the property unsecured, and items are stolen, vandalized or otherwise damaged, you agree to compensate us for their replacement.

  1. Accommodation access

We will endeavour to provide you with 24 hours notice if we need to access the property during your stay.  We may conduct a maintenance visits and condition checks of the property during your stay and prior to your departure for longer bookings.

  1. Lost or damage to keys/locks/doors

We will not release a property to a guest unless we’re certain they’re the only ones with access to the premises. Therefore, if the keys and secure access devices are not returned in identical condition as to when they were issued we will consider this an extension of your booking whilst we do what is necessary to rectify the situation. This may include charging you fees to: re-assemble and re-photograph keys; replace keys and access devices and have a locksmith attend; as well as your continued accommodation. A $500 initial fee will be processed to your credit card as soon as we become aware of a problem.

  1. Departure process and delays

You understand you are required to vacate the property and return all keys and secure access devices by 10am on your scheduled departure date. Charges of $25 per hour may apply for late departures, especially if our cleaning staff are kept waiting.

  1. Property transfers, date changes, and extensions

Date changes and property moves may be treated as a new booking or administration fees charged, at our sole discretion.

We don’t guarantee the property will be available for you to extend your booking and we don’t want you to be disappointed so please give us as much notice as possible if you are considering extending your stay so we can reserve the property for you.

We may need to re-allocate your booking to a different property. This is rare and we do our best to avoid it at all times, but if it does occur, we promise the new property will be of equivalent or better standard.

  1. Strong odors, no smoking and no pets

All properties are non-smoking, no pets are allowed, and we expect you to use the extraction fans when cooking/using the dryer. If the property smells of smoke, cooking odours or has pet remnants at the end of your stay we will keep it vacant at your expense to assess and record the damage; and arrange the cleaning/replacement of contaminated soft furnishings and décor items. All costs for this will be processed to your credit card. The minimum fee starts at $500.

  1. Building rules and noise complaints

You agree to abide by the Building Rules which are listed in the property compendium in each apartment. In line with this we don’t have a no party policy but we do have a “don’t disturb the neighbours” policy that is strictly enforced. A breach of the building rules or a noise complaint may result in extra fees for compensation and potential eviction with no refund.

  1. Other

We accept no liability for any out-of-pocket expenses you incur for replacement accommodation if the property becomes uninhabitable (eg. natural disasters, water or structural damage or the cessation of our agreement with the owner/s) and especially if your booking is cancelled by us due to non-payment. If the property becomes un-inhabitable we will offer you an alternative or provide you with a refund for the unused portion of your accommodation.

Our terms and conditions are our intellectual property and we reserve our copyright. Please email us for permission if you would like to use them for your own short-term rental or business. We may refuse this request or require payment for their use. If we discover that you have copied them or any part thereof without our permission we will invoice you $2,200 per annum for their use.

Please contact us to have a chat if you have any questions about the Terms and Conditions.